What We Offer

Montgomery Shire Orchard & Nursery

Passionate Organic Growers

Montgomery Shire Orchard, Nursery, & Shire Kitchen in Ontario exhibits our love for organic harvests, producing chemical-free crops & fruits. We are dedicated to garden care and the conservation of nature.

Montgomery Shire Orchard & Nursery

Organic Growers

Our Serene Hub of Nature

Visit us with your friends and family for a day of tranquil fun in the lap of nature. We offer the following aspects with love:

Sea Buckthorn Berries

We specialize in the fruition of the unique Sea Buckthorn berries, ensuring low germination, adequate temperature support, and soil stabilization.

Montgomery Shire Orchard & Nursery

Our Nursery

In our expansive nursery, visitors explore an impressive range of lavender, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. We commit to fruition favored by our climate.

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We have an organic orchard full of healthy plants and fruits, bringing the best of agriculture. Stay tuned to events and updates!

Montgomery Shire Orchard & Nursery
Montgomery Shire Orchard & Nursery


We are expert farmers of vegetables, garlic, hot peppers, and more that smell, look, and taste the freshest best. Order yours today!